Being a Mikey Kids Family

Being a Mikey's Kids Family

As a Mikey Family member, you have the opportunity to spread the word and increase awareness for The Mikey Network. This is your chance to talk to people about The Mikey Network and encourage them to educate themselves on how to operate a MIKEY AED and perform CPR.

Imagine how worry-free life would be if everyone was trained! We offer a free app that allows people to be trained on their mobile device, with all the tools that your friends, family and community need to help save a life. These life-saving skills will go with them everywhere. What an amazing gift for you to give people of all ages!

Explore fundraising ideas. Help raise money for The Mikey Network. Encourage donations so we can help other families like yours. Remind everyone in your circle of family and friends that your child is carrying a MIKEY AED and everyone should be aware and trained in how to use it.


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