Being a Mikey Kids Family

Put the "Fun" Into “Fundraising”

Organize your own fundraising event for Mikey’s Kids…
and help save the lives of our at-risk children.

Saving lives is a serious business…but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself doing it!

As a Mikey’s Kids family, you know the worry that goes with having a child with a serious heart condition, and some of the financial hardships that can go with it as well. But you also know the relief and gratitude that comes when people around you show their love and support.

Offering that kind of support is what The Mikey Network is all about, and without the help of people like yourself, your friends and your family, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do! We know you’d like to give back, and help others in the same way you’ve been supported yourself.

So we’ve made it both fun and easy to get involved. You can start creating your own Mikey’s Kids Fundraising page with just a few clicks on your keyboard. Decide exactly what kind of event you want to hold, and then ask your friends and family to “give from the heart” and donate to your initiative.


  1. Select a fundraising event or occasion that you think would be successful in your community, or among your circle of family, friends or neighbours. If you need a little inspiration, check out some of our fundraising ideas below or go online for dozens of other suggestions.
  2. Create your own Mikey’s Kids Fundraising page. We’ve set it up so it’s quick and simple for you to get started. CLICK HERE
  3. Share your page with family and friends and get fundraising. Put up posters in your office or around the neighbourhood and ask people to help spread the word.
  4. Go have fun, ask others to get involved, and help make sure the beat go on…

Not sure where to begin? Here are just a few ideas to jumpstart your fundraising initiative.

  • Rake Leaves, Mow Lawns, Shovel Snow, or Clean Windows around your neighbourhood
  • Pancake Breakfast or Dinner Party - organize a meal for friends, family or the neighbourhood
  • Neighbourhood Car Wash
  • Ask Local Restaurants or Stores to donate a certain % of sales for a day, and invite friends, family and neighbours
  • Organize a Garage or Yard Sale with a % of proceeds going to Mikey’s Kids
  • Loonie or Toonie Day - Encourage everyone at the office to donate their spare change or go door-to-door


Start right now… go to the fundraising page


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