Become a Mikey Ambassador

Become a Mikey Ambassador

Imagine paying it forward…..

With your help, we can spread the word about the Mikey Network wider and faster.

In the list of suggestions below, The Mikey Network offers just a few ideas to help you champion this amazing cause. With only an hour or two a week, you could make a difference in the lives of other families like yours. So please consider becoming a Mikey Ambassador today and start helping us raise funds to help other families like yours!


Mikey Chat Night
Host a Mikey information night for your family and friends, and inform them about your MIKEY AED. Teach them what to do in case of an emergency.


Sponsor a Family
Hold a fundraiser to help us sponsor another Mikey’s Kids Family. A MIKEY AED has a value of $2,000 CAD so you can set that as your target goal.


Tell the Teacher
If your child is of age, tell their teachers and fellow students about The Mikey Network. Ask if they will hold a fundraiser to help a Mikey’s Kids family.


App Talk
Tell your family and friends about the MIKEY AED & CPR Instructional App and encourage them to download it.


Spread the Word
The Mikey Young at Heart App is specially designed for high school students who can sign up for the program and earn volunteer hours while they learn life-saving AED & CPR skills.


Join the Team
Encourage your family and your community to help spread the word about The Mikey Network. Get as many people as you can to join Team Mikey at the annual Walk of Life event. Check out our website for details at


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