Being a Mikey Kids Family

Mikey Program

With the FREE Mikey AED & CPR Instructional App, you can learn CPR and how to use a MIKEY AED, with your family, friends, co-workers and other members of your community as important life-saving skills for everyone to know. Simply download the App today, watch the videos, test your knowledge, and you’ll be ready to give someone a second chance at life.

The Mikeys Young at Heart Program places defibrillators in schools across the GTA, potentially saving the lives of not only students and teachers but also individuals and neighbourhood groups who regularly attend meetings, sports activities and community events held on school property. In 2006, The Mikey Network placed a Mikey in every Toronto District High School, one of which was used at Harbord Collegiate to give an 18-year old student a second chance at life. Since then the program has expanded to include all Halton area and Peel district schools, and helped save other lives of students, teachers and visitors to the schools. Our Mikey Young At Heart App offers high school students the opportunity to earn the volunteer hours they need to graduate by learning AED/CPR online.

GO Transit, in partnership with The Mikey Network and the Toronto EMS Cardiac Safe City program, has put their passengers’ best interest at heart with the Mikey on the GO Program, by installing MIKEYS on trains and at GO stations throughout the GO Transit system.

The Mikey on Board Program began by placing MIKEY defibrillators in radio and television station-owned “events cruisers” to help keep people safe while out and about at community events across the GTA and beyond. In 2011, The Mikey Network announced one of their largest initiatives with the goal of having all major corporations place MIKEYS on their trucks in order to be able to potentially become a mobile life saver should the situation arise on the roads. Two Men and a Truck now equip every one of their vehicles in Canada with a MIKEY to be able to be a Good Samaritan on the road.

The Mikey Cops are Tops Program is another Mikey Network initiative which has outfitted 100% of all Toronto police stations, holding cells with a MIKEY defibrillator to help safeguard those who serve and protect us.

The Mikey Team participates in numerous fundraising initiatives, including sponsoring Mikey Walking Clubs, heart-smart educational programs, and the annual Cardiac Health Foundation of Canada’s Walk of Life.

The Mikey Goes To Camp Program works with the Ontario Camp Association to install MIKEYs in as many