Saved by a Mikey Stories

Saved by a MIKEY Stories

Cardiac arrest does not care how old you are. People have been saved using a MIKEY (AED), from infants to seniors. Here are some of their stories ...

Canada’s 911 Foundations Incredible Support Over the Years

Today, our Mikey ambassador Johanna Coutinho- Miss Mississauga World, who is competing in Miss World Canada next month got to meet Dan Lawrence- Founder of Canada’s 911.

Canada’s 911 foundation has been an incredible supporter of The Mikey Network since 2007.

Since then, they have raised and donated over $200K, which has helped several families across Ontario. We are so privileged to have the support of Canada’s 911 team and foundation.

On the other hand, our Mikey ambassador- Johanna strives to work alongside us with our Mikey Kids Program. Johanna’s goal and her Beauty with a Purpose project are to essentially raise awareness and raise funds to implement as many AEDs as possible.

Meeting someone like Dan, who takes so much effort and pride to support The Mikey Network is something to truly be grateful for and to me that is inspiring, where I can help alongside and use my platform for the better,” said, Johanna Coutinho – Miss Mississauga World (Mikeys Ambassador).

Thank you to Canada’s 911 Foundation for all of their support and their continued partnership with us.

Mikey’s Kids Infant Saved with their MIKEY

We were just informed by one of our Mikey’s Kids families in Alberta, that their 1 year old foster child went into cardiac arrest last week, and they needed to use their MIKEY AED to revive them. The foster mom had the presence of mind to administer the pads within 20 seconds, and one shock brought the child back.

We are so grateful a MIKEY was available when this child needed it most, and that this mother was there to use it. This is the second infant in our Mikey’s Kids program to be saved with a MIKEY AED and a reminder that cardiac arrest can happen at any age.

Man gets a second chance at life because a MIKEY AED was available

We’ve just received the amazing news that another life has been saved with a MIKEY AED we placed.

A male in his 50s went into cardiac arrest at the Greystone Racquet Club, in Waterloo, ON. Some members at the club quickly went into action starting CPR. A member that happened to be a chiropractor, applied the MIKEY and the patient was revived. EMS arrived within 5 minutes and was able to safely transport the patient to hospital. We are told the man is in good health and doing well.

This MIKEY was placed in 2007 and we are so grateful it was available when it was needed most.

Senior athlete’s life saved by a MIKEY!

senior saved by MIKEY defibrillator

We’ve just heard the amazing news that another life has been saved using a MIKEY (AED) that we placed. 

This MIKEY was given to the Scarborough Seniors Slow-pitch baseball league back 2012. We were informed that the defibrillator was used on July 23 to save a 63 year old gentleman suffering cardiac arrest. We will share more details if they become available but we are told that he is recovering and doing well.

This is the 42nd life that we know of that has been saved by a MIKEY. We could not be more thankful that it was available when needed. News like this is exactly why we started The Mikey Network and a reminder of just how important these amazing devices are.

A MIKEY Has Saved Another Life!

We’re happy to announce that another MIKEY has been used to save someone’s life! This unit was placed through the ‘Remember Griffin’ Campaign.

The Remember Griffin Campaign stems from a young boy named Griffin Martin who suffered cardiac arrest during recess in Orleans Wood Elementary school, in Ottawa, in 2017. Griffin’s family wanted to raise money to place defibrillators in all Ottawa elementary schools. Together we were able to raise enough money and awareness to achieve that goal.

On February 22, during a basketball game at Avalon Public School in Orleans, a young 16-year old boy went into cardiac arrest and his life was saved with one of their recently placed MIKEY defibrillators. The coach on scene, Chris Waycott, began CPR while a parent grabbed the AED, and someone called 911. After the electrodes were attached to the boy’s chest, the MIKEY advised them to move away as the defibrillator applied the shock. The boy’s heart started beating again, and shortly after the paramedics arrived.

According to the mother of the 16 year old boy,

“I’m extremely grateful to the school boards for equipping their gyms with defibrillators. I believe it made a difference for my son,” she wrote.”I’m encouraging more public institutions to get defibrillators.”

We are so happy to be a part of something so incredible, and to have worked closely with the Griffin family to help raise money to implement AEDs in these Ottawa schools.

A big thank you goes out to the real heroes who took part in helping to save this boy, giving him a second chance at life.

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