Mikey's Kids Testimonials


Testimonials -

“While nearing the finish of the Toronto Half Marathon, I collapsed. Within seconds, a police officer, two off-duty doctors and a trainee paramedic were on scene.

Two paramedics on bicycles arrived carrying a portable AED which had been provided by the Mikey Network. The pads were applied and I was shocked once. My heart started and I was transported to St Mike’s Hospital where a stent was introduced to my left-descending artery, which had become completely blocked. I’m so thankful that a MIKEY AED was available.”

– Toronto Police Officer Andrew Rosbrook, Saved by a MIKEY

Testimonials -

“My gym teacher saved my life. I really need to thank him for that. Now knowing I almost died, I’m going to try to live life even fuller.”

– Ajethan Ramachandranathan, High School Student Saved by a MIKEY

Testimonials -

"The [defibrillator] provided by The Mikey Network saved Archer along with CPR and rescue breaths on the side of the road."

– Sean Hackett, Father of Mikey’s Kids Recipient, Saved by a MIKEY

Testimonials -

Craig and Jennifer Hansen used their MIKEY to give their 2-year old son Carter a second chance at life.

"In May 2012, our 2-year-old son Carter went into arrhythmia and then cardiac arrest. … the resulting significant brain injury kept us at SickKids and Holland Bloorview Children’s Rehab Hospital for 6 months. We went home with an AED from The Mikey Network, knowing that any further arrest would be incredibly critical.

Carter went into arrhythmia again on the morning of December 4th. We started CPR immediately. Because of the training supplied by The Mikey Network, we had his shirt off and the pads on him well ahead of the voice prompts from the AED, which analyzed and advised a shock, which we delivered. The change in our son was immediate. He started breathing on his own again. We observed him and kept the AED on him until EMS arrived.

You guys gave us another chance with our son. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

– Craig and Jennifer Hansen, Parents of Mikey’s Kids Recipient, Saved by a MIKEY

Testimonials -

"The Mikey Network has been an awesome organization to work with. Although, thankfully, we have never had the need to use the unit, we feel better knowing it is ready and on hand. The Mikey Network has been great to Camp Can-Aqua and I would happily recommend their product to others."

– Andrew Martin, Owner-Director of Camp Can-Aqua

Testimonials -

"I have been a camper at Camp Can-Aqua for ten years. In 2010, our family donated a MIKEY AED to the camp in memory of Louis Gyori. Knowing the camp is equipped with a MIKEY AED gives everyone a level of comfort."

– Eric Schooley