Mikey's Kids Welcome

Let the beat go on…

There are thousands of people like you across Canada. Parents of children who suffer from life-threatening heart conditions. People who live in constant fear that one day, without warning, those hearts will skip a beat and it will all end.

Ranging from infants to teenagers, we call those children ”Mikey’s Kids”. And this website is dedicated to them and to parents like you.

It is a website intended to bring hope and support. To replace the endless worry with a growing sense of relief. To provide confidence that the future can be happy and healthy. And most importantly, to help give each and every one of those Mikey’s Kids the freedom to forget about their problems and just be a kid.


How a MIKEY changed Emily’s life

Eight years ago, we welcomed Tim and Leanne Herbert to The Mikey Network Family. Their daughter Emily was 5 years old and had just been diagnosed with a life-threatening heart condition. Emily is now a teenager - to hear her complete story on how a MIKEY gave her “the freedom to be a kid”, click on the video.

Mission Statement

The Mikey Network is working to create public awareness and provide education about heart-healthy lifestyles. Currently we are focusing on the Mikey Young at Heart Program that places “MIKEYS” (public access defibrillators) with high-risk children who are in danger of sudden cardiac arrest, so they and their families can lead more normal lives knowing a MIKEY is always near at hand...

It’s in your heart to help

With the donation of a MIKEY defibrillator to your child, The Mikey Network has given you a precious gift. Our objective is to build a network of like-minded people like you who are also passionate about this cause. You can help us do that.

Consider getting involved with The Mikey Network so more families can receive this same gift. Join our Facebook page to connect with other Mikey’s Kids families. Organize a fundraising initiative. Suggest your friends download our AED & CPR instructional app. In short, join our team and encourage others in your family and our community to get involved!

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